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Litter 2013: Jeggae x Izan

The proud parents:

April 28 2013: Jeggae has given birth to 7 beautiful pups. 4 Boys and 3 lovely ladies. All pups are gone to their new homes.

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Fay Jeggae Chien de la Prolingée (Jeggae)                          X                                 Izan fan Cosmo´s Noflik Stee         
Shortcoat (Longcoat carrier)                                                                                           
Date of birth: 15 April 2006
                                                                           Date of birth: 19 May 2006
     HD B1 (tested in Belgium)                                                                       HD A (tested in the Netherlands)

        ED Free, MDR1 (+/+): Free                                                                   ED Free, MDR1 (+/+): Free, DM Free
DNA registered                                                                                                DNA registered

Hunter Barc Kann Schimmelpheng
Dom Rock Kann Schimmelpfeng

Lothian Vencer Kann Schimmelpfeng

Tiara do Vale Kann Schimmelpfeng

Juma Green Kann Schimmelpfeng
Alphie Kann Green Forest
Izan fan Cosmo´s Noflik Stee

Crystal Schimmelpfeng Dos

Boss of White Heroes
Quanto of White Mountain Austria

Cerah Famke fan Cosmo´s Noflik Stee

Luna of White Condor

Angel von White Angel
Baron vom Schloss Stutensee

Fanni von Kiralyszentistivani Kristaly

Roy van Hiemrod Admiral of White Ivory

Ch. Ido Diablo of the White Wolves Home
Indy van Hiemrod

Betty Boop of the White Wolves Home Rudy van Goese's Hoes
Fay Jeggae Chien de la Prolingée


Einstein-Tyson vom Sutumer Grund Flash-Yukon of White Condor

Jazoux Chien de la Prolingée
Aliena von White Princess

Happy Kimba the Lovely White Sheperd, Jizzah Arras the Lovely White Sheperd

Sathika of the White Valley
Nederlandse versie
On the photo at the top of the page fltr: Jeggae and one of her sons Kumasi (Mozus, 9 months old)