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Jairha (Awedistra's Jairha de la Prolingée)

Photo taken by: L. Bremer

Jairha is added to the 'Prolingéepack' in 2011. I wanted to have a black longcoated German Shepherd Dog of the 'old type' (with a straight back and without the exaggerated angulation of the hindquarters as to be seen on the photo above and the left) for a loooong time.
And here she finally is... All the way from the UK! I would like to thank Deb Gallimore for entrusting me with this sweet little girl.

Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Coatlength: Longcoated (officially recognized by the FCI since 1 January 2011 as a seperate variety within the GSD breed)
Coatcolour: Solid black

Daughter of:
Ebony (Settleborn Ebony of Awedistra) and Tiger (Gentlebears Saintly Tiger at GlebevonWood)

Date of birth: 5 June 2011


62 cm

HD: B1
ED: 0 (Free)
(Tested in Belgium)
MDR1 gene defect: Free (+/+)
Dilution: D/D, which means that Jairha is not a carrier of the blue gene.
DNA profiled

Diploma sociability test (TST)
FHN agility license
Breeding certificate acquired at the show in Kortrijk and Breeding certificate from the DHCN (German Shepherd Club Netherlands)

Show results:

May '14: Joe Kat show in Arnhem NL: 1Excellent, Best Bitch (CAC), Best of Breed (BOB) (Picture on the right) Open Class
November '13: Int. Show in Kortrijk, the Eurodogshow: 1Excellent, Best Bitch (CAC and CACIB), Best of Breed (BOB) on Saturday; 1Very Good on Sunday both in Open Class
December '12: Clubmatch 'Dutch OldGerman Shepherd Society' (NODHV): 2Excellent, Open Class
April '12: Int. Show in Leeuwarden: 1Good, Youth Class
                                                                                                                                    Photographer: L. Iding
Jairha is the mother of our 2015 and 2017 litter.


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Nederlandse versie
On the photo at the top of the page fltr: Tiger; Jairha with brothers and sisters 1 day old; Ebony with her litter of 2010