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Jevlin (Gevita Jevlin of the White Heaven)

    Photografy: S. Visser

Jevlin is the latest white addition and the new pride and joy. All the way from Germany! I would like to thank Eckhard Müller for entrusting me with this sweet little girl.
Coatlength: Shortcoat (carrier of longcoat)

Daughter of:
Franka (Franka Shateen of the White Heaven)
and Cyrill (Cyrill White of Sunshine)

Date of birth: 06 January 2015

NHSB Bijl-G-0-3111030

61 cm

ED: Free
MDR1 gene defect:
Free (+/+)
DM: Free
MH: Free

Breeding license from the RZWH

Show results:
24 June 2018: int. show in Zwolle 1Excellent , Open Class, res. CACIB
23 June 2018: int. show in Zwolle 2Excellent , Open Class, CACIB


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Nederlandse versie
On the photo at the top of the page: Jevlin 5 weeks old