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Maya (Sunnantorps Maya Månsken)

Maya is a different story. Maya was imported from Sweden in 2012 by well known and appreciated White Swiss Shepherd breeder Linda Oosterom. She came to live at the fosterhome of Natascha Kamstra. Unfortunally Linda Oosterom died shortly after. I already met Maya in 2012. I was very impressed by her appearence and character. And she even has an outstanding pedigree with fresh bloodlines. The owner of Maya, Inka Natascha Kamstra, and myself came to an agreement in 2014: Maya will have a litter born and raised at home-Prolingée. Therefor we had white Swiss Shepherd puppies in 2015! Our own Jerzan is the father of this special litter.

Coat variety: Shortcoat (longcoat carrier)

Daughter of: Cherokee Baltic Beauty du Bois des Ternes and Neigepearl Compulsive Desire
Breeder: M. Eriksson

Date of birth: 4-6-2012

NHSB G-1-2903844 (import Sweden)

58 cm

HD: A1
ED: 0 (Free)
MDR1 gendefect:
DM: N/N (Free)
MH: N/N (Free)
DNA registered
Diploma behavioural test

23-05-2015: int. show in Arnhem: 1Excellent Open Class CACIB/res. CAC
28-02-2015: int. Martinidogshow/Beneluxwinner in Groningen: 3Excellent Open Class
22-09-2013 Championship clubmatch ZWHVN in Houten (NL): Excellent, Youth class
16-06-2013 Championship clubmatch RZWH in Zwolle (NL): 3Excellent, Youth class

Maya is the mother of our white 2015 litter.


Zack de Vi Pasay
Dakota Thunder of the White Valley

Tracker du Bois des Ternes

Akia of the Arcic Sun

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Montana-King de la Cour
Cherokee Baltic Beauty du Bois des Ternes

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Domingo vom Sutumer Grund
Amy-Chrishan of White Condor

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Admiral of White Ivory

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Alpinarc Attention Seeka

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Surefire My Oh Myah von Owen
Surefire Obi-Wan Kinobi
Neigepearl Compulsive Desire

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Whitepearl Caro
Sherri's Tyson

Neigepearls Vital Obsession

Sherri's Holly

White Buffalo Cheyenne
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Nederlandse versie
On the picture at the top of the page fltr: Jazoux, Jeggae, Jairha, Maya, Ceras and Izan (father of the litter in 2013)