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Jerzan (Jisse Jerzan Chien de la Prolingée)

Jerzan is generation number four and our hope for the future!

This nice looking fellow has grown into an incredably stabill and child-adoring dog. Active and powerful, but not hyper. Selfassured and open but not overdominant.

Jerzan is available for suiting White Shepherd ladies!

Owner: Jeldou Boorsma, Kennel de la Prolingée
Jerzan is lovingly raised by family Harnisfeeger - Legroe

Son of: Jeggae (Fay Jeggae Chien de la Prolingée) and Connor (White Wolf O'Conner)

Date of birth: 11 August 2010

Pedigreenumber: ALSH 0066381

Height: 65 cm

Coatvariety: Longcoat

HD: B1
ED: 0 (Free)
MDR1: Free (based on parentage)
Dilutiegen: Free (D/D)
DNA registered (parents are also DNA registered)
Jerzan can only be used on DM free bitches

Diploma Test Social Behaviour (TST)
Diploma Obedience
Jerzan now is busy with agility and does very well on interclub matches!
Breeding certificate Belgium (at the Grote prijs of Limburg, Genk)

June '14: Int. show Grote prijs of Limburg in Genk: 1Excellent Open Class
May '12: Joe Cat show in Arnhem (NL): Very Good In-Between Class and 2nd in the Couple Class together with Jeggae
Aug '11: Chastre BBI Cup of Nations organised by the ZWHBe: Very Good, Youth Class
Apr '11: Herk-de-Stad Jongehondendag (Young dog day) ZWHBe: Very promising Puppy Class

Jerzans father is the from the UK imported White Wolf O'Conner. Conner has complety fresh bloodlines for the European mainland. Therefor Jerzan is easier to match with different White Shepherd ladies.


Gerikesa Dazzler at Jasem
Vondaun White Casper

Cysgod Arian

Magic White Heather

Oslo Princess
Midnight Silver Snow
White Wolf O'Connor

Tamara Snow Dream

Chazlaws Cheyenne Brave at Trezven
Amiscus Cheyenne Spirit at Trezven

Aldermaston Eire Wen

Penwhite Athena Cleopatra of Chazlaw

Venus in White Fur at Aldermaston
Aldermaston Saxon's Heir

Raggengill Norma

Roy van Hiemrod Admiral of White Ivory

Ido Diablo of the White Wolves Home
Indy van Hiemrod

Betty Boop of the White Wolves Home Rudy van Goese's Hoes
Fay Jeggae Chien de la Prolingée


Einstein-Tyson vom Sutumer Grund Flash-Yukon of White Condor

Jazoux Chien de la Prolingée
Aliena von White Princess

Happy Kimba the Lovely White Sheperd (Jizzah) Arras the Lovely White Sheperd

Sathika of the White Valley


Dutch version
On the picture on the top of the page: Jerzan along side the shore